Youth Leadership

GOLD (4)
Ackerman Room

Are you interested in exploring gender as a social contract and what that means for your identity? This space centers trans and gender non-conforming youth but is open to anyone interested in exploring how gender socialization effects their identity. Open to middle and high school youth. 

Contact: Georgia Wyman (they/them)

GOLD is a free, weekly evening program on a mission to cultivate self-love, self-expression, and leadership skills for middle and high school Cambridge youth and local volunteers through mentorship and community partnerships. Open to 7th & 8th grade youth.

Contact: Puja Kranz-Howe (she/hers)

Want to make sure there’s representation in our City Hall? Right now, there are 13 portraits in a room named after the first woman Mayor of Cambridge, Barbara Ackermann: 12 are of white men. Join us this summer to help decide who should be honored at City Hall. The City is our studio and where our design team will learn, imagine, and create together. Come join us!

Contact: Puja Kranz-Howe (she/hers)

Hi there! I am a Youth Mentor!

I volunteer with GOLD because it allows me to be part of a community within Cambridge that I choose and truly feel connected with.  The participants inspire me to be a better individual and community member each week.  I am honored to be part of such an amazing program!


Kayla Richberg (she/hers)

Youth Leadership Skills
Social Emotional Learning
Mastery of Social Justice Issues
Self Esteem Development
Community Engagement