Youth Leadership

Are you interested in exploring gender as a social construct and what that means for your identity? This space centers trans and gender non-conforming youth but is open to anyone interested in exploring how gender socialization effects their identity. Open to middle and high school youth.
Youth will be paid to engage in a lead weekly meetings with specfic themes, including topics such as healthy relationships, consent, mental health, cyber safety, bullying, environmental justice, racial justice, intersectional feminism, queer and trans liberation.

Contact: Georgia Wyman (they/them)

Gold Logo

GOLD IS BACK!! Gold is a leadership program for middle and high school-aged youth. Gold centers the experiences of misogyny-affected folks, but is open to young people of all genders!

This year we will explore intersectional feminism, anti-oppression, and youth leadership. Youth will build the skills to engage in social action in their communities by facilitating groups and activities on subjects they are passionate about. This is a paid opportunity.

Contact: Puja Kranz Howe

Hi there! I am a Youth Mentor!

I volunteer with GOLD because it allows me to be part of a community within Cambridge that I choose and truly feel connected with.  The participants inspire me to be a better individual and community member each week.  I am honored to be part of such an amazing program!


Kayla Richberg (she/hers)

Youth Leadership Skills
Social Emotional Learning
Mastery of Social Justice Issues
Self Esteem Development
Community Engagement