Board & Staff

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Trudy Bartlett (she/her)

Family Shelter Director

Trudy Bartlett is the Family Shelter Director and has worked at the YWCA Cambridge for 25 years. She is committed to working with families to enhance their futures.

Sierra Dearns (she/her)

Advocacy Coordinator

Sierra Dearns is an Advocacy Coordinator with the YWCA Cambridge. She is a recent graduate of Salem State University, graduating in May 2023 with a Bachelor of Science in Political Science and is now pursuing a Masters in Public Administration from Merrimack College. She remains a passionate advocate for improving women and family well being across the Commonwealth.

Michelle Howe (she/her)

Case Manager & HMIS Coordinator

Michelle Howe is the Case Manager at Renae's Place, she has provided support to the families for the last 15 years to achieve Independent Living, while advocating for themselves. She feels very fortunate to have learned from the families about the power of resiliency, embracing and honoring who they are, reminding them of their value in this world, and truly listening to them—especially when making decisions that impact their lives.

Puja Kranz-Howe (he/him)

Advocacy and Youth Leadership Manager
Puja joined the YWCA Cambridge in December 2019 and leads the Advocacy Department and Youth Programing. Puja is always eager to have conversations about anti-racism, identity, systems of power, and questioning societal norms, especially with middle and high schoolers. In his free time, he loves to cook and write poetry.

Mackenzie Johnson (she/her)

Operations Manager
Mackenzie Johnson is the Operations Manager at YWCA Cambridge. Previously, Mackenzie worked as an English teacher, Spanish teacher, and farm educator in Massachusetts, Tennessee, and Pennsylvania. Mackenzie is passionate about community building and agriculture. Outside of work, Mackenzie can be found walking in the woods with her dog, Wally, reading a book, or enjoying the beach.

Cassandra Ling (she/her)

Executive Director

Cassandra Ling is the Executive Director of the YWCA Cambridge. She was most recently Chair of the YWCA Cambridge's Board of Directors after having joined the Board in 2018. Prior to stepping into her current role, Cassandra launched and supported workforce development programs in the Berkshires and Washington, DC and expanded girls empowerment initiatives in Morocco.  In her spare time she stays busy chasing her infant daughter around the apartment and enjoys walking along the Charles with her family.

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Shamara Morris (she/her)

Housing Stabilization Case Manager

Shamara Morris is the Housing and Stabilization Case Manager and holds a B.A. in Criminal Justice and an A.S in Paralegal Studies. Morris has been working in the non-profit sector for over a decade as an advocate for many populations. Shamara is a proud Mom of two bright young men. In her spare time, she loves to cook, read GOD’s word, travel, and most importantly spend time with her family.

Marita Wimmer (she/her)

Director of Finance

Marita Wimmer is the Director of Finance of the YWCA Cambridge.  She has been providing senior accounting and financial management services for a variety of organizations and companies.  After graduating from Bentley University, she worked in public accounting with CPA firms that specialize in auditing and accounting for non-profit entities.  She also served as the Finance Director at a non-profit organization in the area.  In her free time, she enjoys yoga and outdoor activities.

Georgia Wyman (they/them)

Youth Leadership Advocate

Georgia works in youth leadership at YWCA Cambridge to develop and facilitate programming. Georgia believes that youth are experts in their own experiences and strives to create spaces for youth self-determination and advocacy. In their work, Georgia is an accomplice to youth and believes adults often have more to learn for youth than the other way around.

Erick Yax (he/his)

Maintenance Supervisor

Erick Yax is the Head of Maintenance at YWCA Cambridge and has served in this role for 10 years. Erick is a committed member to the team and always willing to lend a helping hand.