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January Artist

January Artist

Miraculous Invisible
About the Work:

Miraculous Invisible – The Nebraska Series is a typeography (photo poetry) collection created while in artistic residency at The Art Farm in Marquette, Nebraska, and written on a 1953 Smith Corona typewriter in a Chinese-style hut in the middle of the prairie. Poems were written in direct response to the environment, fellow artists, and meditative experiences while living on the farm. Once written, they were immediately nailed up to the lathe inside the hut, and the collection of 90 pieces was exhibited in August 2015. 

These pieces embrace the extraordinary in the ordinary and the plainness of ecstatic moments. Humorous and contemplative, the poems serve as storytellers, mirrors, and prophets while the staging of the photos informs the voice of each poem --  sneaky, bold, gentle, empowering, or even punchdrunk.

About the Artist:

Julie Ann Otis is a civic engagement artist, improvisational poet, and healer committed to the experience of ease for all people. She is the creator of Active Receptivity Coaching, a toolkit of intuition and compassion practices, which she teaches in private practice and through public art installations. Julie Ann’s most recent work, “American Therapy,” supported interactive, artistic, compassion-building. She asked the public to share their experiences living in the U.S. with artists who then translated these stories into a 200 square-foot mural of poetry and portraiture reflecting daily kindness and struggle. This and other civic engagement art installations (“Election Therapy Booth,” “Inauguration Therapy”) have garnered her national and local press as an experimental artist working at the intersection of peacebuilding and public art.

Other works include typewriter-based poetry installations (“Pinup Prophecy,” “Free Verse”), burlesque spoken word poetry in aerial rope and harness (“Talk to Strangers”), and spoken word performance at the ICA Boston (“Look Before You Leap”) and at Boston City Hall. Her 2017 photo poetry exhibit, “Miraculous Invisible,” explored the ecstatic, sexual, humorous, and raw moments of everyday life.

Julie Ann was named Somerville’s Artistic Fellow of Interdisciplinary Arts in 2016 and Opus Affair Artist of the Year in 2014. She has been an artist in residence at the Art Farm in Marquette, Nebraska and at the Noepe Center in Martha’s Vineyard. Her chapbook, Elastic Communion, and spoken word album, Sermons of the Real, are available at


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