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September Artist

September Artist

"Hallucinations in Watercolor"

by Harmony Witte




This is a series of watercolors painted over the course of 2 weeks in August 2017 that depict some of the hallucinations I have experienced for the last 14 years. The first hallucination was in 2003 and they returned in earnest in 2015. 

After medical testing, it has been determined that they are likely caused by Bipolar Disorder. They can happen any time, but often seem to occur during times of stress. The hallucinations come in different forms, often tactile (I feel bugs crawling on me), olfactory (the smell trash of or feces), auditory (I'll hear voices whispering to me, most often calling my name), and visual as represented in these paintings. 


About the artist

Harmony Witte is a Cambridge based artist, where she lives with her husband and pets. She is self taught and mostly works in watercolor in an illustrative style that utilizes vibrant, saturated colors. She experiments with photography and digital illustration and has exhibited in galleries in Dallas, Tx. Harmony also dabbles in street art with several murals in Dallas and Cambridge. 

She is the co-founder of Mass Artists for Change, which is group of Massachussetts artists and musicians who come together to create, resist, and build a community engaged in activism. Through the group she has organized a fundraiser for refugees, art shows, a poetry event. She organized the 2017 Boston Artist March as Part of a series of marches across the country. 

Harmony has been diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder and PTSD which has deeply impacted her life. Hallucinations in Watercolor is her attempt to come to terms with some of the side effects of the illness. 


If you are a local artist who identifies with the YWCA mission, "eliminating racism, empowering women", and would like to display your work at the YWCA Cambridge, please contact us. We would love to work with you!